Great news!

As of yesterday, I am officially a product photographer! Scored a job shooting photos for Getzs, an outdoor/work ¬†clothing store. I’m really pumped about this because it means that I have already started my professional career as a product photographer. Not only am I now going to be getting income for all the equipment I’ve been after, but I’m getting tons of the first-hand experience that’ll get the quality of my product shots to skyrocket.


Back to school…

Well, school has started back up again, and I have delayed my photo productivity even more as a result. Two non-photo studio classes means that I will be hard pressed to really get in a whole lot of shooting time. Moving into a new Apartment next week is also not going to help, as I have to get my stuff packed up and then unpack it again after I get it all there. The good news, however, is that I have decided to do an honorary Graphics degree. I really have begun to appreciate the world of graphic design lately, and if nothing else, it’ll be a good skill set to have when designing my own web page down the road.

In other news of what’s going on, I’m really excited to be getting involved in the student groups I am in this year, Promo-directing a concert production group, and co-heading up SPS here will be a lot of fun and the best part is that they will both give me good practice where I am focused regarding my education. It’s going to be a year of high output really soon here, and I am hoping to keep myself motivated throughout.

Summertime and the livin’s easy.

Easy Living, originally uploaded by Patrick O’Gara.

Getting back into the swing of things lately in anticipation of new kit. I went for a small photo-expedition with my good friend John and a few others with no direction or objective other than to get some pictures. That, in conjunction with the promise of new equipment means that I’ve got some kick in my step regarding photography again. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the f/1.2 lens I’ve got my eyes on. You can be sure to expect a lot of updates when I have such an awesome new toy.

The tidal wave of motivation…

, originally uploaded by Patrick O’Gara.

Pulled this guy out from the cruise archives of this past new-year. I had meant to do something with it, but it slipped through the cracks until the other day. I feel some real motivation on the way, I give it a week before I am running around, camera in-hand excited to be looking at everything. Again, sorry for the lack of activity on here, the intent is to change that soon…


, originally uploaded by Patrick O’Gara.

So I’ve been lazy, and haven’t touched my camera since moving into my house. I suppose i’m just waiting for the spark that will undoubtedly hit me when I get some new kit. Going to be getting some better sync cords for my flashes, and a tilt-shift lens for product photography purposes…. at least that’s the plan so far. Might opt out of tilt shift for something with a super-wide aperture but that remains to be seen… This pic is one I took last month while adventuring with my buddy Mat. Took a picture of his reflection, and decided to flip and crop it for a kinda surreal effect.

On another note, the weather has been kinda down lately. Hopefully it’ll warm up just a smidgeon more so I can spend full days out shooting as opposed to the short excursions that I’d be doing as the temperature stands right now.

Waiting for summer to really start…

Cabo San Lucas Harbor, originally uploaded by Patrick O’Gara.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve hit a lull of sorts. Things should be picking up greatly when I move into my house later this week and my summer officially starts. I’ve got a couple series that I will be working on, and I’m excited to get going. Until then though, I’m organizing things for the move back up to Marquette.

Awesome news!!!!

I got word today that my photograph of Cloud Gate made it into the Seventh Edition Schmap Chicago guide! Check out the link to see my photo in the top right! I’m super excited about this because Schmap gives full credit with my name and a link to my flickr!¬†